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Luke Farley campaigns to protect NC workers and business against Far-Left Democrat

After defeating 3 other candidates for the Republican Nomination, small business attorney Luke Farley faces activist Democrat Braxton Winston to become North Carolina's next labor commissioner.

Why it matters: Farley, a conservative lawyer from Wake County, is on the opposite end of the aisle ideologically from Winston, who is a progressive politician from Charlotte. Along with promoting the "health, safety, and general well-being" of North Carolina workers, the labor department oversees inspections, including elevators and amusement rides. The department also enforces Occupational Safety and Health laws.

The big picture: Current labor commissioner Josh Dobson, a Republican, isn't seeking reelection, and he's endorsed Luke Farley to take his job. Farley is also endorsed by former labor commissioner Cherie Berry -- affectionately known as the "Elevator Lady" -- who served in the role for nearly two decades.

What they're saying: Farley says he'd be a "standard-bearer for common-sense" as labor commissioner and would not use the office to advance a political agenda. His Democrat opponent, Winston, a union-member stagehand, gained recognition during the 2016 BLM protests and has advocated for socialism to overtake the current system of merit-based employment opportunities.

Farley has worked with employees who were hurt and small businesses who've received unfair citations. He says he wants to make the labor department North Carolina's "secret weapon for economic development."

"You can protect workers without bankrupting businesses in the process," says Farley.

The General Election will take place on November 5, 2024. Find your polling place at


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