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Medical Freedom for N.C. Workers

No one should be required to take an experimental COVID vaccine just to go to work—that’s not safety, that’s tyranny. As Labor Commissioner, I’ll stand up for workers’ medical freedom by enforcing the Retaliatory Employment Discrimination Act (REDA) against employers who fire or otherwise discriminate against employees for refusing to get the COVID shot.

While employment-at-will and the free-market system are the ideal, that ideal has been totally upended by the federal PREP Act which creates broad immunity from liability for vaccine manufacturers and employers who impose COVID vaccine mandates on their workers. The PREP Act shifts all the risk of the COVID vaccine onto workers. If workers have lost their basic legal rights because of a federal statute, then we must protect them under state law. As Labor Commissioner, I’ll do just that.

Workforce Development

A four-year college degree is not the only path to success. Support vocational/technical education and apprenticeship programs to build the future of our state and address the skilled labor shortage.


No one should be forced to join a union to keep their job. Fight to keep North Carolina a right-to-work state. 

Workplace Safety

Everyone deserves to go home at the end of the workday. Build partnerships between businesses, workers, and the state to prioritize safety while still protecting jobs.

Biden's Heat Stress Regulation

This burdensome new regulation will kill jobs and drive up the price of housing and food. Fight this regulation with all means available to the N.C. Labor Commissioner. Read more about the proposed regulation here and read Luke's op-ed here.

Elevator Accountability

Return the commissioner's picture to N.C. elevator certificates. Show the people who's working for them and increase government accountability.

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